Pharma Nord Bio C Vitamin 750Mg 60
Features • Essential for normal tissue growth and repair, playing a vital role in collagen formation and strengthening capillary blood vessels • Strengthens ligaments and tendons, prevents bruising and is required for wound healing • Helps to maintain healthy gums...
Pharma Nord Omega 7 Sba24 60
Pharma Nord Omega 7 is derived from the Sea buckthorn berry. Sea buckthorn is naturally found in Asia and Europe. Since ancient Tibetans and Mongolians started to use sea buckthorn more than one thousand years ago, application of the berries...
Pharma Nord Bio-Curcumin 50 Capsules
400 mg patented* curcumin extract in each capsule - 100mg curcuminoids Gentle on the stomach Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards Absorbable supplements that are delivered to the site of activity (bioavailability) Supported by scientific evidence in more...
Pharma Nord Bio-MSM+Silica 120 tablets
Bio-MSM + Silica is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards Each tablet contains 750mg of Methyl Sulphonyl Methane and 50mg Horse Tail Powder Extract. Specifically formulated to ensure the best bio-availability of the active ingredients Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Soy Free...
Pharma Nord Bio Multi Vit & Min 150
Multivitamins and Minerals supplement from Pharma Nord is based on the latest scientific insight into antioxidants and their vital contribution to optimal health. As antioxidants function within the body in a mutually supportive manner, multiple antioxidants are more effective than...
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