Natures Aid Comfrey Oil Rubbing Oil 150ml
Comfrey, a member of the borage family, is the common name for the herb Symphytum officinale.  The name Symphytum comes from the Greek sympho, meaning “to unite” while, Comfrey comes from the Latin confervia meaning “to heal” or “to boil...
£4.45 £3.18
Natures Aid Rose Water 150ml
Natures Aid Premium strength traditional Rose Water is a hydrating natural skin tonic. Rose Water Premium Strength 150ml Traditionally produced and five times stronger than standard rose water products, this tonic will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. This...
£4.95 £3.93
Himalaya Neem & Turmeric Soap
Enriched with oils of neem that protects skin due to its Antibacterial activities Contains turmeric that nourishes and improves complexion 100% Vegan vegetarian Soap 100% herbal neem and turmeric protecting antiseptic Soap Himalaya's Neem & Turmeric Soap blends together Enriched...
Natures Aid Pure Sweet Almond Oil 150ml
Natures Aid Pure Sweet Almond Oil 150ml
£4.95 £3.54
A Vogel Neem Shampoo 200Ml
Neem Shampoo contains extracts of Neem leaves. It is designed for regular use for all the family. Its soothing action leaves the hair and scalp feeling fresh and healthy.
Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste
Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste is flavoured with natural peppermint and contains fluoride. This toothpaste is formulated with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives and it is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation and is suitable for vegans.
Natures Aid Witch Hazel 150ml
Natures Aid Distilled Witch Hazel is a Skin Tonic and Cleansing Lotion. The name Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) conjures up images of broomsticks and black hats, however, although the properties of this tree may seem magical the name actually comes...
£3.95 £2.88
A Vogel Neem Oil 100ml
Neem oil is cold pressed from the fruit and seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica). It contains compounds known as triglycerides and triterpenoids. Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, neem oil (Azadirachta indica), oils of bergamot, rosemary and eucalyptus.
Aloedent Whitening
Featuring some of nature's most trusted ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil which helps fight bacteria and silica which helps keep teeth white.
Amphora Comfrey Cream
 Comfrey Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types. With a soothing blend of aloe vera & comfrey, it helps balance the skin’s natural oils to leave you with a fresh, more matte complexion.
Better You Magnesium Body Butter
BetterYou MagnesiumSkin Body Butter is a deeply rich, intensively moisturising body butter containing a perfect balance of skin kind ingredients. The formulation contains a nourishing blend of BetterYou MagnesiumOil with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E to...
Aloe Dent Triple Action Toothpaste Q10
More than just a brush with nature. We’ve added some of nature’s most trusted ingredients including soothing Aloe vera alongside tea tree oil. You can be sure you are getting all the benefits of a fluoride toothpaste, but with natural...
UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub - Herbal Blend
Harness the power of herbs while gently exfoliating with the UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub – Herbal Blend. Benefits: Natural exfoliator for oily and combination skin Buffs away dead, dry skin for a soft, smooth result Contains powerful tea tree oil...
UpCircle Night Cream with Blueberry Extract
What it is  UpCircle Night Cream with Blueberry Extract is an unscented overnight cream formulated with replenishing niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil to even skin tone, hydrate and promote overnight skin regeneration. This night cream is also made with...
Better You Magnesium Body Gel 150ml
BetterYou Magnesium Gel provides a regulated release of magnesium for sustained delivery, making it ideal for use during exercise and after exercise. A highly concentrated formulation, perfect for those looking to quickly and effectively raise their magnesium levels. Just a...
Weleda 24hour Roll On Deodorant
This deodorant roll-on offers 24H protection against any unpleasant odours. The toxin-free formula does not contain any aluminium compounds and allows your skin to breathe for a refreshing and invigorating effect.
Kingfisher Mint Free Toothpaste
Mint Fluoride Free Toothpaste Ingredients Calcium carbonate, glycerin, aqua, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydrated silica, cellulose gum, mentha piperita, citrus limonum, foeniculum vulgare, limonene. Dietary Requirements ✓ Dairy free ✓ Gluten free ✓ Wheat free ✓ Vegan
Better You Magnesium Sleep Flakes
Magnesium Sleep Mineral Bath FlakesAn energising blend of Zechstein magnesium, lavender and chamomile to soothe tired and aching muscles in preparation for sleepPromotes a restful nights sleepEffective muscle absorption100% natural source Magnesium Relax and unwind from the stresses of the...
Kingfisher Fennel Toothpaste with Flouride
No artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or whiteners. Kingfisher toothpaste is approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. Not tested on animals, Gluten free and GM free.
SOE Vetivert & Citrus Deodorant Balm
Salt of the Earth's Vetiver & Citrus deodorant balm is an effective way to deodorise without using plastic packaging.

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