Amphora Fennel Essential Oil 10ml
Fennel Essential Oil is probably most known for its often chosen to help ease digestive problems when used with a Carrier Oil. It may also be useful in blends to help oily skin and is often a popular choice for anti-cellulite...
Tisserand Little Box of Wellbeing
Tisserand Aromatherapy The Little Box Of Wellbeing Gift Set 3 x 10ml In need of a mood boost, a time out, or a better night’s sleep? Feel your best around the clock with these pocket-sized pulse point roller balls made...
Amphora May Chang Essential Oil 10ml
A wonderfully calming, 'feel good' oil. May Chang has been utilised for its wonderful uplifting and relaxing properties to help ease anxious feelings and clear the mind.  When diluted in a carrier oil it can be useful as a muscle...
Amphora Orange Essential Oil 10ml
Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil is and incredibly popular oil due to its fresh and joyful scent. It's a great one to use with one of our wide range of vapourisers or burners. Traditional Chinese medicine has been known to use...
Tisserand Little Box of De-Stress
Tisserand Aromatherapy The Little Box Of De-Stress Gift Set 3 x 10ml Struggling through those trying moments? Take a breather and enjoy some calm with our de-stressing pulse point roller balls made with 100% natural pure essential oils.Mind ClearA blend...
Tisserand Little Box of Sleep
Tisserand Aromatherapy The Little Box of Sleep Gift Set | 3 x 10ml Rollerballs The Little Box of Sleep is carefully created to help you feel your best. Containing three relaxing pulse point roller balls, to help you fall asleep...
Amphora Revive Blend 10Ml
Raise the spirits with this blend of warming Clove and Cardamon combined with refreshing Lime, Peppermint and Grapefruit - all working to boost confidence and encourage positive thoughts. Uplifting & Stimulating, it also helps you to combat tiredness and nervous...
Amphora Festive Essential Oil Blend 10ml
Create a festive mood with this spicy and warming seasonal mix of fruity Orange, exotic Cinnamon and spicy Clove. 10ml for use in burners and diffusers. 
Amphora Basil Essential Oil 10ml
Basil Essential oil is often known to be a stimulating and energising oil which can help you to focus. Its well renowned for its ability to help refresh and focus the mind; try using in the car to help maintain concentration on a...
Amphora Relax Aromatherapy Kit
Includes a 10ml Relax Aromatherapy blend Complete with a traditional ceramic burner Makes the perfect gift The ideal gift or starter kit for those wanting to fragrance their home or office naturally. Each kit contains a traditional white ceramic oil...
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